PowerBuilder – SQL Native Client and DisableBind

Posted on Monday, March 19th, 2012 at 5:51 pm in

Okay so you are upgrading your application, perhaps using the latest version of PowerBuilder (12.5) and SQL Server (2008 R2), and decide to use the SQL Native Client (SNC) to take advantage of new features in the database. Now like many organizations which use Microsoft SQL Server, you may have gone to OLE DB in the distant past (say around PB v7 days) for any number of reasons.

Something to look out for is the Disable Bind setting in your connection string. In OLEDB the default is DisbleBind=1 which disables the binding. For the SNC the default is DisableBind=0 which tells Powerbuilder to bind input parameters to a compiled SQL statement. More information can be found at the following Sybase link.

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