PowerBuilder – Where is the PB.INI file?

Posted on Thursday, October 13th, 2011 at 3:00 pm in

So I’m looking for the Custom Color settings that I have set up in PB (11.5.1) and think PB.INI? Registry settings? magic? The first two places don’t give me the information so “Google to the Rescue”. Paul Horan had a blog entry (old Sybase site since dead) on this and says it’s kept in the PB.INI. Okay, Hmmmm.

I do a quick search on the PC in Windows and only find two PB.INI files, One for PB11.5 and one for PB12.

So I post on the Sybase PB forum for the answer. Thanks to Chris Pollock here is the answer:

...newer versions of PB adhere to FDCC standards. 
Thus, the PB IDE copies the initial PB.INI file from its install folder 
to the following folder structure on 1st start-up and maintains the PB.ini 
values only in its copy  ...

C:\Documents and Settings\NNNNNN\Local Settings\Application 
Data\Sybase\PowerBuilder 11.5
Where NNNN = your Windows Login ID.

So, yes, it is in the PB.INI but not in the one normally found at \Program Files\Sybase\Powerbuilder 11.5