PowerBuilder Developers Conference – October 15-19, 2012

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I will be presenting two sessions at this years conference in Las Vegas.

Restocking the Eye Candy Store – Visual Upgrade Techniques in PowerBuilder

Abstract: Changing the User Interface in a PowerBuilder application can be a labor-intensive exercise if done solely within the IDE. This presentation will offer tips to planning, testing, and executing on a large scale a variety of simple visual changes to PowerBuilder objects including mass object export, conditional search and replace of properties, and creation of test libraries. A variety of third party tools used to assist in the process will be explored as well as some ‘roll your own’ PowerBuilder code samples which can assist in the creation of a migration assistant application plug in.

Revitalize PowerBuilder Applications by Enhancing the User Experience

Abstract: Looking for low cost, easy to implement tools to expand the functionality of your PowerBuilder applications? By utilizing the power of the DataWindow we can quickly add functionality beyond the visual layer users have come to expect with current, modern applications. Extend the reach of your existing apps by making them easier to use without a large investment in time, labor, and capital. Tools demonstrated include a fast DataWindow search plug in, a grid DataWindow ‘treeview emulator’, a type ahead processor for dropdown DataWindows, and a mouseover effects kit. All tools can be implemented with minimum changes to the current application code. The toolkit itself will be available for free.

Here is a link to the conference registration site.

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