Windows 7 ‘Gotcha’ – PowerBuilder Application Control Fonts Too Large

Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 7:17 am in

So I finally got my computer upgraded to Windows 7 at work.  I was very happy to have it since XP was really starting to annoy me and I couldn’t really do some of the development tasks I needed to get done.

After a week or so I started looking through the applications I work on and found some issues with some of the fonts; they were too big in Windows 7.  Now, if you went through a Windows upgrade before this may come a no surprise; I remember some issues going from Win95 to Win 2000 to Win XP back in the day.  Here is an example of what I’m talking about.



Now these buttons had MS Sans Serif font sized at 9 point.

So I tasked myself with going through each window/visual object in the application libraries to check for this.  The last thing I want to have  happen is my apps to go to customers looking like crap.

Lo and behold you don’t need to do this.  The answer is a setting in Windows.

Right Click on the desktop:

Rt Click on Desktop

Choose ‘Personalize’

win7_screensettingdisplayChoose ‘Display’

win7_screensettingdefaultMake sure you are using the default setting.


Now things are fine:


Now this seemed to only be an issue with MS Sans Serif  so I’m not sure if there are other fonts to be concerned with or not.