PowerBuilder – Adding a Structure to an NVO

Posted on Friday, January 21st, 2011 at 8:20 pm in

It is possible to define a structure within an non-visual object. You can view/ or edit the source of the nvo and insert the structure definition directly:

global type nvo_case from nonvisualobject
end type
type str_test from structure within nvo_case
end type
end forward

type str_test from structure
	string		as_parm1
	string		as_parm2
end type

global type nvo_case from nonvisualobject...[other code below]

The structure can be instantiated within scripts just like a ‘normal’ global structure.

Once I did this (PB11.5) a new window appears below the code portion of the nvo painter which allows you to declare additional structures. You can also do the menu option Insert – Structure and view them with View – Structure List.