My name is Matt Balent and this is my blog. It contains musings on PowerBuilder, programming, blacksmithing, parenting, DIY and anything else which strikes my fancy.

I’ve been programming in PowerBuilder since version 5 (1996) and have worked in the Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Software, Utility, and Materials Processing industries. My database experience includes SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Anywhere, Sybase, DB2, and Access (…oh and Pick too).

In February 2012 I was named a ‘PowerBuilder MVP’ by Sybase.

In previous lives I’ve written books on Medieval weapons, armour, and castles for role playing games; been a box office manager for a concert hall; earned the Silver Palm as an Eagle Scout; earned a teaching certificate; programmed in Pick Basic; built countless plastic model kits; held mercury in my hand in grade school science class; watched the Apollo 11 moon landing; ran an APBA baseball league; played the wargame ‘War in Europe’ (three times); and owned a car where seatbelts were optional equipment (and had none).