The User Interface According to Microsoft

Posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2012 at 6:46 am in

So I attended the launch of Visual Studio 2012 via webcast yesterday – or at least the first two sessions of it – here is a link to it.

Here was the marketing stuff that enticed me.

Opportunity awaits. But not for long. Rise to the challenge with Visual Studio 2012!

The faster you can transform your big idea into software, the greater your chance for success. Be ready to rise to the challenge with Visual Studio 2012. Get a head start on your future by attending the Visual Studio 2012 Virtual Launch Event. See how Visual Studio 2012—supported by Team Foundation Server—can help turn your ideas into software. Attend this free event to learn how Visual Studio 2012 will help you rise to the challenge of modern app development.

What really struck me is how uninspiring the slide designs were. Maybe it was how some of them you could barely read due to lack of contrast. Maybe it was how flat they looked (flat as in two dimensional).

Anyway, I was intrigued by a number of features in .Net4.5 – one being the ease of setting up asynchronous processes. So I downloaded the iso file, burned it to dvd, and set it up on my home laptop. Over 90 minutes later it’s done!

Initial visual impressions of VS2012 are again, uninspired. Monochrome look – everything flat – gradients have been banished. Why impose your smart phone UI concepts on a tool which clearly will not be running on one? You can eat your own dog food Microsoft but I don’t really care to. Welcome to the world of ‘Modern Apps’.

You will be assimilated…

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